Embracing Automation – Cloud-based application

Embracing Automation – Cloud-based application

Cloud migration is a process in which an organization can move its data, application and other business elements from their onsite computers to the cloud or move them to any other cloud. In broad term, there are three kinds of Clouds.

  1. IaaS – Infrastructure as a service ( examples: AWS, Azure, Google computer engine)
  2. PaaS – Platform as a service (examples: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Google App Engine)
  3. SaaS – Software as a service (examples: Google Apps, Salesforce).

In recent years, IT industry has seen a huge shift towards cloud-based applications. There has been an increase in its availability, acceptance, and use.

The significance and resourcefulness of cloud-based applications is being realized by businesses around the world. IT spending is undergoing a major modification from traditional sources, into cloud computing.

The cloud open up doors for new innovations and potential. The cloud brings an opportunity for companies to focus on driving their business forward, knowing that their enterprise applications are always on, always accessible, and always up to date.