IT Professional Services

Our IT professional services can be defined as the provision of technology-related services to clients, allowing them to focus on their core business interests. Services can range from consulting and strategy consulting to product deployment and data analysis.

The primary role of Professional Services is to take a technology solution and adapt it to ensure it works for the customer in a way that meets the overall technology strategy and broader business goals. Too often a company invests in an “out of the box” product without knowing how to use it effectively. The Professional Services team is available to understand the challenges your business faces and optimize technology to solve those problems.

Our services were billed by the hour. However, the pricing for these services is now much more flexible, with many providers offering a flat fee or even a monthly subscription model.

The IT professional’s services offered by us can vary depending on business needs, with great flexibility usually. Some businesses may only need support for one element of the available services, while other organizations will benefit more from a comprehensive set of professional services capabilities.

What services are included?

We offer the following IT professional services: –

Strategic consulting

We will examine regulatory and compliance issues, IT risk management and controls, and cost optimization. We will provide in-depth advice on your broader technology strategy, assessing its effectiveness and ensuring that your technology choices are appropriate for both the project and your long-term business goals.

At ARITSPL, our strategic consulting services also include long-term roadmap planning and business value mapping to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We can also be on hand to assist you with environmental preparedness advisory services.

Project Management

Along with your consulting services, you will likely engage in project management services. This often includes extensive pre-project preparation and planning, as well as ongoing management to ensure the project runs smoothly.

The goal of project management in the professional services industry is to ensure a successful outcome for the client by delivering the project on time and within the budget specified in the initial design and consultation stages.


It can be said that the design stage of the technological project is one of the most important steps to achieve this. We will present technical designs and blueprints, demonstrating commercial compatibility with business and technical requirements and, often today, potential use cases. Business owners and stakeholders should be involved in this part of the process, as it helps you get buy-in from everyone who has a vested interest and allows you to start the process of rolling out and managing your new Informatic solution.


With our professional services team that understands your business needs and strategic goals, you’re better prepared for a successful deployment. Deploying your solution typically includes the initial activation and configuration of your chosen products, as well as the implementation of all associated IT tools. Depending on your IT systems, you may also need integration and migration services which can usually be offered as part of your deployment plan.

We will likely discuss the fine print of your message during the design and consultancy stages of your project, making sure everyone involved in the project is on the same page and aware of the end goal.

Adoption & change management

When implementing a new product or technology solution, it’s important to make sure everyone in your organization is on board. Few people don’t like change, especially if they are used to using a certain system that works for them. We will provide adoption and change management services to help you manage change and increase your return on investment.